Travelflips Deluxe

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Spend more time learning, and less time looking things up. Unlike dictionaries, guides, and phrasebooks, Travelflips flashcard kits are designed to give travelers a powerful head start with a new language. Each kit includes 60 flashcards featuring essential words and example phrases, including 5 authentic proverbs for you to impress friends and locals. On each card, you'll also find phonetic pronunciations (transliteration) and English translations for faster learning. Finally, your Travelflips cards come housed in a premium handmade leather case* - a vintage look that will only get better with age. Altogether, Travelflips are the perfect pick - or the perfect gift - for anyone looking to discover new places, new people, and new cultures.

* 100% natural, vegetable tanned leather is hand conditioned with ancient oil waxes, melted into a buffed grain surface. This type of leather, known as "crazy horse leather", exhibits an amazing vintage look and gives a tremendous amount of character to your leather case. When the leather surface is scratched or rubbed, the marks do not reverse immediately. Buffing the leather with a soft cloth will fade these marks away.  Please note, your new leather pouch may come with minor marks. The marks, scrapes and scars are all natural and are all part of the unique look that each of our leather pouches express.