Learn basic Spanish, Italian, French and German with Travelflips flash cards

A portable language flashcard kit
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Essential words and phrases for your next journey

By Explorers. For Explorers.

By Explorers. For Explorers.

We believe there is an explorer inside all of us — one that seeks out new places, new people and new cultures to understand and enjoy. We also believe that learning just a handful of foreign words can be the stepping stone to reaching new worlds of adventure, happiness, and friendship.

That’s why we have created Travelflips, a portable language flashcard kit for the explorer in each of us. It’s compact, simple, and effective — the perfect accompaniment to your next trip.

Convenient. Effective.

Convenient. Effective.

Each Travelflips kit contains 60 essential words and phrases, carefully selected to give you the best head start to your voyage. You’ll also find phonetic transcriptions and local proverbs that you can easily master to impress friends and locals. Beautifully crafted and built on some of the most successful techniques in language acquisition, Travelflips gives adventurers a stylish way to learn a new language.

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  • Rediscover Flashcards

    From ancient Greeks to modern days, flashcards remain among the most engaging and effective learning tools. Travelflips leverage the spacing effect, distributed practice, and visual and kinesthetic memory to cement new words quickly.

  • Start Simple

    We’ve done our research, collecting just the right words in just the right number. We’ve fine-tuned Travelflips to ensure language enthusiasts can study effectively without getting dull. Start simple, stay focused, and have fun!

  • Keep Exploring

    Whether you dream of discovering new locales or wish to connect with new friends, Travelflips flashcards are an indispensable source of inspiration and a trusted companion in your adventures. Flip. Learn. Explore.

  • Select a Language

    Travelflips kits are available in four languages - Spanish, Italian, German and French. Looking for another tongue? Our team of professional, native-speaking linguists and philologists is bringing new languages to Travelflips soon!

  • Choose Your Style

    Our Standard edition includes a beautifully designed case built for efficiency and durability. Deluxe edition includes a handmade, premium leather pouch - a vintage look that will only get better with age.

  • Learn with Ease

    Travelflips flashcards are suited for all ages and experience levels. Study at your own pace, or follow the included guidelines to accelerate your vocabulary acquisition. Don’t forget to refer to transliteration for an authentic sound!

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Are Travelflips appropriate for young adventurers?

If you can read, you can flip! The content of all Travelflips flashcards is appropriate for all ages.

What is the difference between Standard and Deluxe versions?

Standard and Deluxe editions have the same set of flashcards, however, they are packaged differently. Standard edition includes a beautiful, authentic-looking carton case, custom-designed for efficient use and durability. Deluxe edition includes branded elastic band and comes in a hand-made premium leather pouch that has a fantastic vintage look and ages well. Deluxe edition is shipped in original Travelflips gift box. Both Standard and Deluxe packages have a magnet snap and a ribbon for convenient use.

Which words and phrases are included in Travelflips?

Each set contains 60 double-sided flashcards. One side has a foreign word, short phrase and corresponding transliteration in English ( transliteration will help you with correct pronunciation). The other side has English translation. Included words are a good mix of basic nouns, verbs and adjectives to build your language foundation.

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My native language is Spanish. Can I use Travelflips to study English?

All Travelflips kits are primarily intended for native English speakers studying the designated language. Of course, you can certainly use our cards to study English, just keep in mind the English side of each card doesn't provide pronunciation guidelines.

What are the dimensions of a Travelflips box?

Standard edition box: 4.5 x 2.75 x 1.5 in.
Deluxe edition leather pouch: 4.5 x 2.75 x 1.5 in.
Deluxe edition gift box: 5 x 3.75 x 2.25 in.
Flashcards: 4.25 x 2.5 in.

Both the Deluxe edition leather pouch and the Standard edition case are sized to fit into either a large pocket or a small purse. Have fun exploring!